Executive Director

Mervyn Patterson


Mervyn has been with #indoorhockeyUK since its inception and was one of the original founders of the organisation. Mervyn's leadership and management of the early events have helped shape #ihUK into what it is today. Mervyn continues to lead and provide direction to the organisation and on event days, oversees their successful implementation.

In his day job, Mervyn is a doctor and director with our major event sponsor - Woodford Medical.

Operations Director

William Davey


Will started working with #indoorhockeyUK at the 2012 event, as the assistant umpire manager, alongside Derrick Hall. For a couple of years, he helped organise the umpires and was the catalyst to getting young umpires involved at #ihUK events.

Now as Operations Director, Will is the main point of contact for organising the events. His skills in website development have helped create #ihUK's website, as well as streamlining the administration and organising processes.

Strategy Director

Joanne Davey


Back in the day, Jo was an umpire at the early #indoorhockeyUK events at Brentwood and since then has used her event management experience to support the delivery of safely managed events.

Jo manages the crucial link between venues and other key stake holders, as well as working alongside the other Directors in providing direction to the organisation.

Finance Manager

Steve Tompkins

Steve doesn't have a personal hockey background, but became involved with #indoorhockeyUK as his sons were umpiring at our events. Since becoming involved, Steve has played a crucial role by providing support to the Directors in organising the events, and helping the administration side on event days.

Steve brings a wealth of experience to the team, particularly working with children, having been a headteacher for many years.

Operations Manager

Tom Everton


Tom is one of the newest members to our Executive team - coming on board in 2019 to help with the running of the event. Tom is a hockey player, coach and umpire, so is able to provide valuable input from all the various different areas of the game.

As Operations  Manager, Tom provides vital support to the Directors to help ensure the events all run as smoothly as possible.

Strategy Manager

Ali Tompkins

Ali plays a vital part in within the Executive team. Before #indoorhockeyUK events, she is on hand providing much needed support to the Directors. Throughout the event, she works tirelessly to ensure each and every person has the best time possible!

Ali is regularly seen pitch side at #ihUK events helping to get teams ready to play, as well as being the key link between the pitches and administration team.

Dev-Week and Coaching Advisor

Rowan Tejura


As the founder and director of RT Hockey, Rowan joined our Executive team when the partnership between RT and #ihUK was established. Rowan will be working with #indoorhockeyUK to help create Dev-Week which will see a brand new indoor training camp introduced, led by RT Hockey, culminating in an exciting and thrilling indoor festival.

Rowan brings his experience of coaching within School first XI's to University Performance squads and working in residential activity camps.

Umpiring & Officiating Advisor

Lee Barron

Lee first became involved with #indoorhockeyUK in 2018 and can't get enough! Umpiring the final at the FIH Indoor Hockey World Cup in 2015 and 2018, as well as being appointed to the tournament again in 2021, Lee brings his vast  umpiring experience and knowledge to #ihUK.

Outside the events, Lee works with the Directors to help build the indoor umpiring scene, and on event days, acts as the Umpire Manager, as well as providing coaching and development to up and coming umpires.