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What's the difference between leagues and other competitions?

Much like outdoor leagues, our leagues will take place over multiple weeks rather than one weekend. All teams will play everyone within their division throughout the course of the league season.


Each week, 3 or 4 teams will attend a central venue, and each will get 2 matches. There may be some weeks where the teams aren't playing, but all teams will get the same number of games.



Do we play home and away matches?

No - venues will be organised centrally, with each league taking place at 1 or 2 venues. Depending on the number of teams taking part in the league, will depend whether you play each team once or twice.



How much will the league cost?

Each league will vary in cost depending on venues used and number of teams participating. Teams are charged and the price will be worked out per match. Prices will also vary depending on a number of other factors including umpires.



We already play in an indoor league - is this an #indoorhockeyUK event?

We are aware there are a number of leagues across the country. Our aim is to coordinate all these leagues and give them a home, so if you are playing in a league and they are not listed within our event list, why not ask the organisers if they are interested in joining the #indoorhockeyUK family.



How do I enter a league?

You will be able to enter the leagues using our online entry system. Make sure you check the details of the league before you enter your teams, as these may vary for each league



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