Getting To Venues


All our venues enjoy convenient and fast transport links. Where possible we would like to encourage people to travel to our events via public transport, although we appreciate this is not always possible, or at times appropriate.

Whilst our venues do have several public transport link, there is also plenty of parking near all the facilities used. If you are using private transport, and you can do so, please share cars, to help reduce the number of vehicles. Please note for big events, the on site car parks may be closed to the public.

For more information about getting to specific venues, please check out the venue pages on our website.

Safety & Security

Event Entry

People attending our events are not permitted into the venues until the published opening times of the event. This will be displayed on the Competition page.

On arrival, we may conduct bag searches before allowing you entry. We also reserve the right to deny entry to, or remove, anyone from the venue. All venue entry requirements can be found on the venue pages.

Some events will require spectators to purchase tickets. Please ensure you have your ticket ready for inspection upon entry. You can check whether events require tickets or not, by visiting the Competition pages. Tickets can be purchased from our online ticket office.

Competition Management System

Schedules & Results

All schedules will be published on the Competition Management System before the event. Results will be updated throughout the duration of the event.

The link to each Competition will be published, with QR Codes placed throughout the venue for you to scan and gain access.

Please note, we do not print programmes or schedules. If spectators would like a printed version, they should do this before arrival.

Most venues have Wi-Fi on site.



Flash photography is not permitted! The flash can be dangerous to players and officials taking part in the matches. Please ensure you turn off the flash on your camera before use.

When entering for the event, you are acknowledging that you are entering a public arena, and as a result may have your image recorded in the form of a photo a video. Any photos or videos taken at the event may be used in promotional material.

If you are not happy for your image to be captured by the media team, please let us know upon arrival.

Code of Conduct

Respect, Protect, Enjoy

This is an amazing opportunity to see some amazing young players take part in some of the biggest indoor hockey events in the UK!

We need YOU to bring the party atmosphere, noise, support and remember...

... Keep it fun; it's not the World Cup or the Olympics

... Cheer and acknowledge good play by all players from both teams

... Accept decisions by officials - remember they are human too

... Let coaches do the coaching and Allow the players to make their decisions

... Understand, uphold and support your club's code of conduct

... Look after the venue and leave no trace of your visit. Please put your litter in the bins provided


Keeping You Safe

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it's really important that EVERYONE follows the strict rules to ensure indoor hockey can continue.

#indoorhockeyUK will be following advice from England Hockey and Public Health England and all spectators should ensure they are familiar with the guidance for the event.

Timings of any changes to the circumstances for hockey will always be led by government advice. We encourage everyone to consider the health of themselves and others foremost.

All event guidance and further information about the Covid-19 restrictions, can be found on the Covid-19 support pages on our website.