Major Event Sponsor

Woodford Medical

Woodford have been with us since the very beginning and  have invested over £25,000 in #indoorhockeyUK, helping us to get started and support the growth of Indoor Hockey.



Major Event Partner


Having come on board in 2016, wj-events have proved invaluable to their contribution to our events, from creating the schedules to producing the opening ceremonies as well as providing necessary equipment.

Sport Development Partner

Hockey UK Group

The Hockey UK Group is the parent organisation and was introduced as a spin off of #indoorhockeyUK. The Hockey UK Group  supports development in all areas of hockey.


Dev-Week  Partner

RT Hockey

In 2020, RT Hockey came on board to help establish Dev-Week. As a professional coaching company, they will be using their expertise to launch an indoor training camp.


Technology Partner


Our online and technical partners, having designed and developed our website since 2012, including work on our Competition and Officials Management Systems.


Partner With Us

Interested in joining our stellar roster of sponsors and partners? We're happy to work with a wide range of companies - in fact anyone interested in sport development should get in touch!

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Venue Partner

Copper Box Arena

Venue & Facilities Partner for our Championships.


Venue Partner

Derby Arena

Venue & Facilities Partner for our Grand Slam.


Media Partner

TwoTown Media

Video and Media Partner.

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Media Partner

DE Photo

Official Event Photographers.