Derby Grand Slam



What are the Grand Slams?

Starting in 2019, #indoorhockeyUK began introducing a series of events known as the Grand Slams. These events will increase visibility of Indoor Hockey and give more opportunities to clubs, players and officials. Whilst our Championships have established a home at the Copper Box Arena, each Grand Slam will use different and unique venues across the UK. Our first Grand Slam was held at Derby Arena. In 2020 we are set to introduce a second Grand Slam event - keep yours eyes open for more information.



Are the Grand Slam events qualifiers to the Championships?

No - at present you do not have to enter a Grand Slam event to take part in our Championships.



Can I enter more than one Grand Slam?

Yes you can enter as many Grand Slam events as you like!



What is the play standard of the Championships?

All Grand Slams are open events, meaning any team wishing to enter can - and it attracts lots of different clubs from across the UK, therefore it is difficult for us to predict what standard the other teams will be. For teams with an inexperienced junior set up, we are launching Dev-Fest which may be of more interest.



How do I enter?

Entry for each Grand Salm will be announced on our website and all social media accounts. The cost for the Grand Slams will be published on the team entry system. You can enter all Grand Slam events by using our online system. Remember, as this is an open event, any team can enter - you do not have to be affiliated to any governing body. All we ask is that each team ensures they have any necessary insurance, and are responsible for providing any protective kit for their players. #indoorhockeyUK takes no responsibility for injuries to players or members of any team.



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