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What is Dev-Fest?

In 2020, #indoorhockeyUK is looking to introduce a Development Festival, aimed at those clubs with an inexperienced indoor set up. This event will get more juniors playing indoor hockey and help develop the indoor game at a number of clubs.


We are expecting to announce the venue and dates for the 2020, and innaugral, Dev-Fest in the first quarter (January - March). We're aiming to run the event in quarter 3 or 4 of the year.



Can I enter Dev-Fest and teh Championships?

Dev-Fest is being designed as a development opportunity and isn't designed for those teams entering our Championships or Grand Slam events. Thr purpose of Dev-Fest is to give clubs the opportunity to play indoor hockey.



How many Dev-Fest events are there?

There are plans to only run 1 Dev-Fest a year. If it proves a popular format the event may grow, and we may see more festivals throughout the year.



How do I enter?

Dev-Fest is in the final stages of planning, so at the moment you can't enter, but once available, you will be able to enter using our online booking system. Teams that have previously expressed an interest in taking part will be contacted once available.



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