Brand #ihUK

Brand Policy


These rules (“Rules”) apply to any party wishing to use #indoorhockeyUK trademarks, service marks, logos, word marks, graphics and similar intellectual property  (the “#indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets”) in promotional, advertising, instructional or reference materials, on websites, or in connection with products or services.

By using or reproducing a #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset you are agreeing to abide by these Rules which form a binding agreement between you and #indoorhockeyUK. If you are using a #indoorhockeyUK Brand on behalf of a legal entity such as your employer, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity, and the terms “you” or “your” shall include such entity. If you do not agree to these Rules, you are not authorised to use #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets.

The Rules are intended to promote consistent use of the #indoorhockeyUK brand. This makes it easier for people to instantly recognise references to #indoorhockeyUK and related products and prevents market confusion. The Rules are also intended to protect #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets, which are valuable assets of the organisation.  #indoorhockeyUK dedicates substantial resources to the development and protection of its intellectual property.

Brand #ihUK

Ownership of Brand Assets


You acknowledge that #indoorhockeyUK is the sole and exclusive owner of all #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets and derivatives thereof and that all goodwill derived from using any #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset inures exclusively to the benefit of #indoorhockeyUK. You promise that you will not interfere with #indoorhockeyUK’s rights in the #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets, including by challenging #indoorhockeyUK's use, registration, or application to register any #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset or by registering any #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset yourself anywhere in the world.

Brand #ihUK

Usage Rights


Except for the limited right to use #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets expressly permitted under these Rules, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.  You agree that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset, including by using any #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset in connection with any unlawful, scandalous or fraudulent activities.  You agree to use #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulatory regimes.  If you are a licensee of a #indoorhockeyUK Brand Asset and have been provided with special trademark usage terms in your agreement with #indoorhockeyUK, please follow those terms.  If your agreement with #indoorhockeyUK does not provide usage terms, then follow these Rules. If you have any questions regarding these Rules, please contact us.

If you are an affiliated organisation or person to #indoorhockeyUK you may use #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets in a referential manner on your website or in printed or electronic promotional / advertising materials to accurately describe your involvement with our organisation. When using #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets you must ensure that any references do not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship or false association with #indoorhockeyUK or #indoorhockeyUK products or services, and any references must not show #indoorhockeyUK in a false or derogatory light.

You must always spell and graphically represent #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets exactly as they are shown in the Style Guide below. Do not shorten or abbreviate #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets. Do not make up names that contain #indoorhockeyUK Brand Assets.

For clarity, any club, school or university which has entered a competition, any individual which participates as a player, official or workforce member, or any company that is a sponsor or partner is considered an affiliated member of #indoorhockeyUK.

If you are not an affiliated member of #indoorhockeyUK, you must contact us for the rights to use our brand.

Brand #ihUK

Style Guide


In external written text, #indoorhockeyUK should be referred to in its correct manner, including, always starting with a "#". Written text for the organisation should be shown as:

Full Organisation Name:   #indoorhockeyUK         Shortened Organisation Name:   #ihUK

It is, under certain and rare circumstances to drop the "#" from the name. This should only occur where it is prevented, such as banking or accounting systems.


When referring to an event year (season), written text should start with "#indoorhockey" with the last 2 digits of the year of the event replacing the "UK" part of the organisation name. Examples:

Full 2020 Season Title:   #indoorhockey20         Shortened 2020 Season Title:   #ih20

Full 2019 Season Title:   #indoorhockey19         Shortened 2019 Season Title:   #ih19


When referring to a competition the name of the competition should proceed the event text. Examples:

Full 2020 Championships Title:   #indoorhockey20 Championships         Shortened 2020 Championships Title:   #ih20 Champs

Full 2019 Grand Slam Title:   #indoorhockey19 Derby Grand Slam         Shortened 2019 Grand Slam Title:   #ih19 DGS

A full list of all event years and competitions, including both full and short titles are available upon request.


If you are using a logo,it must not be positioned on an image, as this will compromise the integrity of the logo, and it must always be positioned on a solid colour background - ideally #ihuk Blue or #ihuk Red. If re-sizing the logo, the height and length must be kept in proportion. The Icon logo may be used on its own, but the text logo should always be accompanied by the icon logo. The icon logo may be positioned to the left of, or above the text logo, but should never be positioned to the right of or below. The text logo must not be shrunk to a size that makes it unreadable. All logos can be provided in different sizes and formats upon request.