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Derrick Hall Memorial Shield

On 26th September 2016, #indoorhockeyuk was saddened by the passing of Derrick Hall. Derrick was one of our biggest supporters and had helped #indoorhockeyuk since its inception in 2004. For the first 8 events, Derrick was responsible for sourcing and appointing the umpires, as well as umpiring himself. In 2012 Derrick helped introduce Young Umpires into our tournaments where he continued to umpire, mentor, advise and bring on the next generation of indoor hockey umpires. #indoorhockey16 was the very first time Derrick missed part of one of our events - he turned up late on the second day as he was so tired from doing a 12 hour umpiring shift the day before!


Not only was Derrick a valuable umpire at our events, but he was key in making each and every event successful. A great character who will be sadly missed by all.


In recognition of all the work Derrick contributed throughout the years, the Derrick Hall Memorial Shield was introduced, being first presented at #indoorhockey17. This award is there to recognise those officials that help make our events a success - not only by umpiring, but also by contributing in all other areas of the event.


This award will be chosen by a nominated voting committee, which shall include the Tournament Directors.



Umpire Performance Awards

For each day, an umpire will be identified who has performed positively and helped the games in which they have umpired. These awards are designed to acknowledge all the hard work our umpires do at our events.


This award will be chosen by the appointed Umpire Manager, and Tournament Directors.



Volunteer Contribution Award

Our events wouldn't be a success without all the hard work of our volunteers. Our Volunteer award is there to acknowledge all the hard work our volunteers contribute to our events.


This award will be chosen by the Tournament Directors.



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